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Links to demonstration websites, for Serif WebPlus and other programs.
See also this thread on Serif’s Forum.

1. FlowPlayer, Media, Audio and Sound Players

- WebPlus X8 Media Demo

2. Oversized Image for HiRes HiDPI Smartphones

- WebPlus X8 Demo: Oversized Images

3. Older Demos of Serif Web Resources

- Serif has now closed its Serif Web Resources service: SWR objects no longer work.

4. Older Demos of Flash & JS Slideshows / Galleries

- WebPlus X4 Slideshows11

- WebPlus X4 Slideshows12

- WebPlus X4 Slideshows13

5. Animation Experiments, using Google Web Designer

(Best viewed using Google Chrome)

- Animation1

- Animation2

- Animation3

- Animation4

- Animation5 (Published using WebPlus)

6. Google Awesome

- Awesome1

- Awesome2

7. Fun with Scrolling

- Spooky1

- Spooky2

- Spooky3

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